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Most adult humans have had at least a fleeting look at some of the more erotic and downright raunchy hardcore of history.  Those Egyptians and Greeks and Romans could sure turn a grand cock or two on pottery we can still admire today.  Through phallus worship and lesbian soliloquies, man/man “tutoring” and power hungry nymphs, history lends itself to hormonal rushes of the artistic kind.   

However, despite history’s leavings, we still on occasion ponder, at what history felt like and our sexual past.  Women have wondered if some woman doing her husband on their sleeping platform in ancient Egypt, ever got her breast caught under his elbow as he sat up.  Hard to picture Liz Taylor’s head, snapped back as she strove to sit up.  Caesar would have chopped off her hair, rather than allow it to hinder his conquest.   

Perhaps men have wondered how the males of the ancient world felt, being able to “take” any woman they wanted.  Women were chattel, owned outright by first father, then husband.  A man’s right to her woman parts was unquestionable, whenever the fancy struck him.  


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