Barbie Based on Risque German Doll

"Young girls in America grew up with the squeaky-clean image of Barbie, but the truth is that the history of Barbie and Europe's Bild Lilli doll go hand in hand. Bild Lilli is a doll with heavy makeup, a fierce backstory, and a curvy body eerily similar to Barbie's and some have described her as "Barbie’s ballsy European precursor."  Read the Article

The Undead and The Orgasm

The Erotic Appeal of Vampires History has seen the vampire as scary, ugly, vicious, shadowed, seductive, erotic and downright pornographic. Different eras of the vampire mark different images. The ugly, of course, being the Nosferatu. Creepiest bastards on the planet. I remember watching the old black and white Nos movies on a bright Saturday afternoon … Continue reading The Undead and The Orgasm

Mardi Gras

Breasts and beads or revelry gone wrong? Mardi Gras, literally translated, means Fat Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday). Fat Tuesdays falls before Ash Wednesday in the celebration of Lent. Much of the tradition around the celebration of Mardi Gras comes directly from Twelfth Night revelers and the mischief that was the foundation of that celebration. Twelfth Night … Continue reading Mardi Gras

Food and Sex – An Historical Glimpse

The aphrodisiac properties of certain foods have remained a topic of interest down through history. With the ongoing argument between those who don’t believe there is any such thing and those who do, it strikes me that perhaps the tales of these foods told through the ages is proof enough. A long shelf life seems … Continue reading Food and Sex – An Historical Glimpse

Romantic Friendships – Lesbians in the Victorian Era

Women of the Victorian era often developed what polite society referred to as "romantic friendships". Actually, polite society never really referred to it at all. Beyond unseemly was any talk of a sexual nature. The skirting of any conversation on romantic friendships was an indication of the morels of the day. A population of many … Continue reading Romantic Friendships – Lesbians in the Victorian Era

Making Love To Marilyn’s Ghost

Marilyn Monroe and her sex goddess legend "She sauntered through life as the most delectable sex symbol of the century and became its most enduring pop confection" - 06/14/1999; Time; Paul Rudnick Thus Time described the woman who is probably the most drawn and photographed of our time, Marilyn Monroe. Elton John wrote the famous … Continue reading Making Love To Marilyn’s Ghost

A Brief History of Marriage

The institution of marriage has had a long and sordid history. Not always referred to as marriage, which is a word from the 14th century French (marier) to marry, this sacred state had slipped through history under many guises and forms. Monogamy – describes a union of male and female or (today) same sex couples, … Continue reading A Brief History of Marriage

The Mermaid

Once I sat upon a promontory,And heard a mermaid on a dolphin's backUttering such dulcet and harmonious breathThat the rude sea grew civil at her songAnd certain stars shot madly from their spheres, To hear the sea-maid's music.                            (Oberon -  A Midsummer Night's Dream) The babe on the rock, with the fins and scales? know the … Continue reading The Mermaid